Saturday, August 14, 2010

To Independence and India....

Independence Day??Is it different from any other day???Obviously it is!It a holiday for heaven's sake.A holy-day when we are meant to relax,hang out(!)with friends and do a host of other things except for realizing that Freedom is not actually not what we think it is. Freedom is not in having booze how and when you want just because you are not a minor anymore. Freedom is not in criticizing your country and your Government because you think they are useless.I mean seriously dude,look at yourself first.We are living in a country where we still find a mother selling her own child for a handful of rice, a husband torturing her wife just because she won't let him waste her earnings on liquor.And we find a bunch of rich brats who can insensitively comment-"Indian Music...ewwwww....I like Megadeth and Cradle Of Filth".If we are so dependent on western culture then how can we possibly think that we are the members of an Independent nation. A girl child being forced into marriage instead of completing her education is not what I call Freedom.A landlord sleeping with the farmer's wife in order to reduce his taxes is not being free.

The obvious question remains what is FREEDOM then?In spite of our country's progress why doesn't it do away with age old norms which do nothing but deter our course to becoming what our forefathers had dreamt for us? Freedom is in taking responsibility for the cause one truly believes.Freedom is in being brave not proud, courageous but not haughty. Freedom is in standing up and fighting for one's rights. Freedom lies in individuality and not in selfishness.As the youth of the Nation which prides in being able to hold up its traditions for years across we have to understand that if want to bring a change, we have to work for it first.As they say-"Be the change you want to see". The Government is doing what it can, but as citizens of INDIA we ought to take an initiative too.It can be anything starting from teaching your maid's daughter to cleaning the park near your house.If we as individuals take control then I believe nothing will ever be impossible.Quoting Dwight D. Eisenhower-"Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men and so it must be daily earned and refreshed - else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots, it will wither and die.".......


  1. snubbing indian music is not in the least likeable..but just because i belong to a 'free' nation does'nt mean i cannot like 'western music' does listening to cradle of filth make one 'dependent on western culture'..n freedom is a subjective term..if ur definition of freedom is heaven with no trace of poverty illiteracy crimes prejudices ...den i am afraid our country ..any country for that matter will never be free enough for you..a poor woman robbed of any civil education ,selling her child or a goodforsaken sex maniac of a landlord sleeping with a farmer's wife or a prejudiced father marrying off his daughter does'nt make India.. WE do.

  2. hey..sorry.. didnt mean to b rude..just wanna add ..that the very fact that you- an Indian wrote an article dedicated to your country what signifies that there's still hope for us..we are not perfect and never will be..but we arn't that bad either. :)

  3. Thanks a lot for your comments Ananya. I did not want to hurt your sentiments or anyone Else's for that matter.I don't have any problem with people liking western music,it is when they disregard their country's culture for blinding aping the west is something I object to.And for the others things I have mentioned,5 out every 10 Indians are vulnerable to intense cruelty...they make India as much as we do...It is just that we are too protected to realize their presence..

  4. India has really got freedom, not sure about it. Or if too much freedom to people has made us (some of us) undisciplined, destructive....
    Youth in politics are defamed, of what happens in Maharashtra and other places.
    Longing for real freedom.


  5. i don't think anyone has an obligation to regard ..just like no one has the right to disregard a country's culture just because they have belong there. i don't think art has any limitations with regard to a country. someone who prefers punk rock to indian classical does'nt become any the less indian for it just liek an american liking indian music doesn't become an indian for liking it.
    and as far as 'intense cruelty' is concerned..i guess i was'nt quite able to say what i wanted..i felt like independence day is a day to feel positive about your country..n this post makes it a bit difficult(does'nt mean we forget about less privileged ones)
    hell..i guess i am rambling again.. don't mind ..but i'd liek your blog better if it were a little mellower n a little less angry :P it rocks anyway.:)

  6. @Ananya...I will keep that point in mind and try to be less cynical next time....