Monday, August 23, 2010


By now everyone(I mean most of them)in college knows that I am a sentimental bloke.I start crying even during the screenings of Planet Earth!!Anything which is remotely kind or passionate puts my tear glands to work then and there.I cry while reading books,watching movies,sharing a sad affair of my life with my friend and the list simply goes on and on.The first time I held a roadside puppy in my arms I cried,when I am very happy I cry.Its more of a routine now and I just can't do away with it,somehow.

For me shedding tears does not epitomize weakness,instead it helps me be myself for a change.It helps me connect to myself,understand myself better.There is nothing wrong in having an outburst of emotions,I mean it is just a part of life.I seriously despise people who think crying is a feminine phenomenon.I believe when a man is truly in love he cries,it makes him realize that he has finally found that someone whom he just cannot do without.Personally I can't bear the thought of people bothering me when I cry.These are the times I like being left alone because the people approaching me, do the needful out of pity and sympathy rather than concern.

It might sound weird,but I love crying.It cleans my eyes(:P)and helps me explore the human in me.Crying puts me at ease when I am terribly sad or utterly disgusted.Its almost therapeutic.So my advice to everyone remains that crying is the best way to heal all wounds hence cry if and when you want.Stop being conscious of the people around because they might mock you but somewhere down the line every jerk cries for something or the other.Feel free and don't let anyone's presence hamper your emotional needs and wants.Quoting Golda Meir-"Those who do not know how to weep with their whole heart don't know how to laugh either."


  1. nice Amrita....You surely are a good writer....your 2nd that I read..

  2. tui surely...khub bhalo likhish...!!! :) :) :)

  3. Thanks all....Its your appreciation and criticism which keeps me going...

  4. Hehee...@Vegeto..It still remains a myatery...;)