Saturday, November 10, 2012

It all started with the urge to write the perfect story. The perfect story. A story which had little bit me in it and also everybody else. A story which is like and unlike anything else you might have come across. A little less fiction and a lot more real, a little more sensitive, a little less careful. Something which provides neither the writer nor the reader with instant gratification but lights up your soul slowly, tepid yet existent.

The prefect story, does it come from knowing yourself? Or travelling a lot? Reading, understand, comprehending, analysing or just writing? How am I to look for something when I am not sure about what I am looking for?

Patience is a great virtue; someday I would like to be blessed with it. Till then I am content in remaining famished, in search of knowledge, information, experience and inspiration. And who knows, it might just lead me to what I am looking for.

In search of the perfect story,in search of the perfect story ...