Saturday, May 7, 2011


Okay! So I am finally home.Undoubtedly I am happy, elated, overjoyed and all the possible synonyms you could have for the same word but sadly I feel I don't belong here anymore.Obviously these are my roots and I am proud of my culture and everything but having said that there is this slight glitch which makes me miss Pune at times. And it does not really stop at just reminiscing about a place, I end up comparing both the regions which is definitely not right on my part.

I mean whenever anything about Bengal was discussed or screened in class I found myself jumping on my seat so much so that my friends concluded that I suffered from OCD. And now when I am finally back, I don't feel that excitement and that thrill. I do get decent food and time with my parents but something definitely feels amiss.Ok! Now I feel I am complaining too much.I mean people are starving to death and I am only bothered about which place I like better(:/)

Anyways, that at least got me back to blogging. I have been trying to complete a story for a long time but after the first paragraph I just can't take the story forward. I guess a couple suggestions will help.

'She sat on the floor of her one bed room apartment lighting that one last cigarette which had been provocatively peeking out from a Malboro pack. “So you also managed to lure me, just like the rest of them. “- She said. It was difficult to understand from her smile whether she was still talking about cigarettes or the innumerable guys she had “supposedly” fallen in love with time and time again. It shouldn’t have happened this way because for her love was supposed to be a divine experience rather than an amorous desire. Because whenever she thought of love she visualized herself sitting under a shack, having coffee with the man she loves. Her story needs to be told because not everything we dream of falls into place and also because the very feeling of affection is synonymous with pain.'

Hoping my next post would not take 'this' long....:)


  1. i like the beginning...
    you know what....its the pain that makes us realise the value of the love...the same way that i now appreciate the most simple home cooked food that i would earlier detest as if it were the rarest delicacy on earth....(im sure you can relate to it!! :P)

    it never happens that we get all that we want in life....each smile that comes to your lips has to be paid for with a tear....joys and sorrows are the way of life...without which, life is non-existant....
    and if one gets everything in life then the true value of all thing in life depriciates... :)

  2. u didnt tag me on fb...i'll still comment!
    try n stay in d momnt...thnk abt home n parnts n family wen u're dere..4gt pune existed! n wen u cum bck..jst njoy pune as much as u can...n den dnt miss home!!..dnt try to b in 2 places at d same tym...its nt possible n it'll nly mke u sad..(lyk u mentioned above) dnt worry so mch n rmbr me n smile!! :)

  3. I agree with the time being Pune doesnt even exist....its only home and family...
    Grass always looks greener on the other side..but when possible learn to make the non green side green too.....that would make a hell lot of a difference not just in your life but in others too.

  4. Feeling of affection is very much synonymous with pain...Because in that very pain lies the feeling called love...yes the story of the girl needs to be go on...