Sunday, April 3, 2011

When the going gets tough.....

My last post was more than a fortnight back.Its not that I stopped writing or something, but yes I barely got time out for myself.And when I did, I inevitably fell asleep.This post is about a certain conversation I had with a precocious lad a few day ago(and some other things too).

The thing is that I barely get angry, and when I do,it surpasses all reasoning. It has been quite sometime when I got offended by someone's comment.But this time I was like-"To hell with you man, I mean who are you anyways?" It was not the first time someone passed a comment on my "physical attributes", but nevertheless it was offending enough to catch me off guard and shock me out of my wits.

It started with a causal 'ping' on facebook but this bugger of a person took no time to shift the topic to my recent profile picture stating how "different" I was looking in it. Mind you, here different means ugly, gross and not presentable. He subtly(Read: Cunningly) indicated on how I look older and fatter even when I said that such things don't bother me (Trust me they don't). However he kept on insisting, and I could not decipher as to why he was so interested in my plight(if there were any i.e).On asking him, he replied-"Don't you want a husband, and a progeny?". Reluctantly, I answered "Yes." and it was during this time I realized that nothing has really changed.

The Guy might look like a pig but the girl has to be no less than a Scarlett Johanson. Women might work, they might lead Multinational Companies but they must be attractive at the same time.If that is the reason why most Indians get married, I'd rather say unmarried my entire life.It seems that love has no existence without physical attributes. It makes me wonder how shallow we have become as people.

Coming back to college life, We are flooded with assignments. I can't remember the last time, I went out and did something different.I love my college but last minute work is something I just can't handle.This is going to be one of my shortest posts but unfortunately there is a lot
on my mind, and I don't know what to type and what not to. We have got a new puppy, but I haven't been home for four months now.Oh, my internship got confirmed so that's something good right? I seem quite delusional, so let there be an end to this conversation. Hope, this month ends soon and I get to go back home, till then I promise to cope with life better. Guess Once you choose hope, anything's possible.



  1. Totally true.....But it is the best to ignore such statements made by people who do not realise.....that we are all creations of the same hand ...we are all here with a purpose that surpasses any looks!

  2. aah.. wanted to write on that humans getting shallow part long time back.. never got the tempo.. only kept observing(and continuing the same even now..)..
    and blah to people and their opinions. i remember having written something similar when someone had a problem with the names i create(galactocalypse,etc :P)
    was only the second time i wrote to drain my anger off... :P but seriously felt good...

  3. looks does matter a might deny it that looks don't matter for falling in love but it does.looks does matter in job especially when you are going for a job interview.just see around and you will find that any couples whose marriage is successful has good looks.
    also wanted to comment on your last line so quoting two quotes.

    1. "Until the day when God will deign to reveal the future to man, all human wisdom is contained in these two words, Wait and hope."

    2. "Hope is the poor man's bread. "

  4. @Vegeto What is your real name boy? Also in a workplace situation presentation matters more than looks. You might look like Brad Pitt but if you carry yourself as an uncouth lunatic nobody will pay attention to you.