Thursday, September 30, 2010

?!Finally 18?!

As time passes by one learns to adapt, grow and move in and out of situations which control's one life. Before I stepped out of my home, people were doubtful...Of my merits, my ambitions and were in constant check to see whether I give my on my idea of living my life the way I want to. So about a few hours before my 18th birthday I would obviously not talk about such insignificant hurdles but would love to thank those people who made this LIFE possible for me, people who never gave up on me, people who believed that I was capable of making miracles (in my own little way) and people who love me inspite of my imperfections and shortcomings.

Firstly,Ma and Baba ,I owe you my life and I can never thank you enough for making me a part of this beautiful world.Ma,you have been my biggest inspiration,you have managed your profession and home effortlessly and always taught me to uphold my values no matter what. I miss watching television with you, fighting for the remote, telling you about things which bother me and also ones which brought a smile on my face. I miss my shopping sprees with you and gorging on the food you made. Most of all I miss hugging you while I am asleep; I miss that smile on your face when you would wake me up every morning. I love you MOM and would like to apologize for the times I have hurt you. My DAD is the most awesome guy ever. I mean he tops exams even at the age of 50.He tells me I have inherited my love for reading and music from him (and blames MOM for my laziness and anger..:P).I could talk to my dad about anything and he knows the answer..Phew!!Baba is perhaps the most knowledgeable person I have ever come across(Our director doesn't quite stand a chance in front of him..;)Next comes DADA...My best friend and Agony Aunt..(Oops make that Uncle). My brother and I are exact opposites. He is calm and composed one while a lone lizard can make me go nuts. He is funny and handsome while I am...*blah*.My brother can just see me or hear my voice to realize that I am in quite a "State". He has been my consistent driving force and has always given me the space to do my thing. We can fight like cats and dogs but the mutual love and respect can never decline.

The last few people came into my life at a later stage but nevertheless they managed to create quite an impact. Bozo (The LOVE OF MY LIFE) is my little puppy who has stood by me no matter what. She shouts on MA and BABA whenever they scold me and has always been there when I fell ill or upset especially when there has been NO one at home. Bozo is an integral part of my life,the person(Yes you read it right),the person who taught me that you need not speak in order to spread Love, because most of the times when your action does the trick. Last but not the least my school and my teachers because of whom I am here today. Especially Miss Madhumita and Mrs Mahapatra who kept faith in me when I could not do the same for myself. Thank you Miss Mahapatra for teaching me not just Maths but about how to keep hope even in difficult times and for treating me with the most amazing food ever. Miss Madhumita, you are my Guardian angel, thank you for encouraging me to keep writing and reading even when times weren't that great. Thank you for being by my side when I needed someone to talk to....I still remember your last words-"You deserved it”. I owe every bit of my achievements to you.

For the others...this blog might sound repetitive but before taking a step into adulthood this was my only chance to relive my childhood once again..On this occasion I remember this thing my Uncle had told me on my 15th birthday...”Deher boish barche baruk, mober boish ke barte deo na". (Let your body grow and mature but don't let your Mind follow the same)..



  1. I understood how difficult it is to write something on your own, the moment i started to write a comment for your blog, and if u notice u will find that that i have not yet written anything meaningful. So from this very feeling I feel that, u have managed to write something so nice that have kept me connected with that for some piece of time(me not being a very good reader). So i sincerely wish that your name may be known equally to the two classes of people- readers and non readers. Thanks for letting us know u.....
    Best of luck once again......

  2. These articles are the author's delight :P
    They aren't meant to be reviewed, they aren't created for adding to the literary value of the blog.. they're just there for expression.. kinda keep the author going..
    Notice that you didn't use any hi-fi words here :P