Tuesday, April 13, 2010

RAAT ke DHAAI Baje!!

Last night I again broke down crying to myself..."Why me God?Why me?.He gave NO answer.I grew furious but i had to remember that my father,who was blissfully snoring beside me should not be disturbed.I let out a sigh."Do you even exist?"-my eyes were welled up with tears by then.Most people must be wondering as to why I had been this upset in the first place.The details are extremely personal for me to pen down but at that moment peer pressure was vehemently challenging the base of my very existence.
They say that there is no such thing called Dream Man.It is merely an adage invented by the music industry,chocolate and flower shop owners or even authors to keep their business going.Since I never gave into the monetary aspect of LOVE;such maxims don't bother me much.
I just looked at the star-lit sky yesterday and discovered something while my tear glands(duh!)were cleaning up my eyes.You know how it is said sometimes that two people often look at the same star,think ing about each other without even having the slightest hint about their existence?I just found out something more about it yesterday night.As the gentle wind caressed my face I felt that the “other” person was comforting me.A smile grew on my face in no time and even for a momment it did not occur to me as surreal or absurd.Two or three drops of water fell on my hands.But hey!I had stopped crying a few minutes back.So was he shedding tears this time?Had it been this difficult of him to watch me cry in the first place?I looked up and felt joyous,also I realized that that a SANE person could never have such sky-high(literally!!)expectations.
PJ’s have always been my forte so I tried cracking one.Just when I was in the middle of it my Mom came up to me and said-“Are you out of your mind or something?What on earth are you doing here at 2 30 in the morning??”
“ERRRrrr”-was all I could say.
I went back to bed contemplating as to why nature is considered as the epitome of all romanticism.In the arms of nature you don’t have to try hard or even be someone else to impress the one you love.You need not be mushy or over-enthusiastic,far-fetched or forlorn,even if most people do not agree to my perception,I can never forget last night when all my hearts desires found their culmination.

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  1. mind answering this question??? why are all your blogs so gloomy-gloomy???