Thursday, April 29, 2010


It is strange how so many of us, rush after a similar goal without even realizing that may be we could have done something else (Read-Unconventional) and make a career out of it as well.As soon as my board exams were over,I found my relatives and seniors asking me-"Ki re Joint dibi toh"??...."Haan"-I found myself mumbling back,BUT I made it a point not to study anything which is remotely associated with Physics,Chemistry or Maths.Instead I read lots of story books,went through the newspapers,brushed up my General knowledge and did a host of other things I was unable to pay attention to for the past two years.I think,it is improbable to even think of getting a decent rank by studying for just 15-20 days,So i decided to give myself a break before life catches up with its own pace.

Place-k.v Salt lake
Then:OMG!!What am i gonna do for three hours??(I found out real soon what I could do in those few hours!!)

My Observations:

People here are so devoid of common sense and they want to become ENGINEERS!!WOAH!!
I mean a guy sitting diagonal to me prefers writing on his lap than keeping the paper on the table and by the time reaches forty he is already a hunch-back!A girl sitting in front of me most joyously signs in the place allotted for the invigilator without even bothering to glance at the given paper.Another guy rubbed off his fingerprints (on the given sheet)with a cloth which was actually given to wipe his hands!!

I agree that Life is very short for everything to fall in place but ASK YOURSELF!!DO You want to spend the rest of your lives thinking what you do is best or doing what you think is best??


  1. On reading this I found an absurd similarity between the students surrounding you and me.The only difference was that diagonal to me was a girl who fell asleep after the first hour and then the teachers spent the next hour trying to wake her up. But finally they had to give up!!
    But I agree with you. The nations priorities have become such that people have forgotten the joy of life and living. To them getting into engineering and medical would be the ultimate goal in life,notwithstanding the later consequences! And I am doing all I can to rebel against it!!
    Great work dear!

  2. You post is so true. But I completely disagree on one point. That is - engineers are not without common sense. For your information, dear, Engineers are practical, constructive and quite the "top class".

    But I don't think u have had the opportunity to meet engineers. If your brush your memory and glance at the real meaning of engineers then you'll know that most of those who walk around with a B.E/B.Tech degree are not engineers at all.

    Once again congrats on your perspective on life. One small advice, since i have read few of your posts, "be the author of your own destiny, and i promise u....u shall never regret it."