Wednesday, April 7, 2010

SELF Realization

He said-“In America, teachers and students are like buddies, but here teachers think that they know everything due to which they are unable to connect to their students”.Who cares?I do not mean to be disrespectful towards my new OH-SO-HOT English Teacher but we can’t afford to be bothering about things we can never change.”WE” have been long exposed to a certain way of teaching; so as students it is our duty to respect and imbibe whatever we are able to derive from the sacred student-teacher relationship.So,according to me it was inappropriate of him to pose a such a contradiction in front of students he was setting his eyes on for the very first time.Was he aware of the consequences?Was he remotely bothered that such a statement could lead a child to hate his/her country?

Another thing which I disliked about “That” man was that he was bent upon degrading Indians Languages.Superiority Complex had set in after all.He also finds great pleasure in imitating people who supposedly have a terrible accent.Quoting-“Hisssh p-a-r-form-a-n-c-e wa-ssh b-h-erry good”. I felt like handing over My Bengali poem book to him and make him read it out loud.At least then he could realize that there is both sides to the same coin.I mean DUDE,if you do not like this country no one is pressing you to stay here. You can sure as well return back to your own country. Every nation no matter how great or humble it might be, has its own history and it is not only unjust but highly dangerous to “Mislead” a bunch of high spirited teenagers to criticize their own country.

“JUSTICE”…you might as nonchalantly-“Yeh kis chiriya ka naam hai?”Is it in knowing that you have the power to affect a change or does it imply on upholding those values you have been brought up with?Is Justice laced with monetary garnishing s or is it your inner voice urging you to always stand up for what you believed in?

As impulsive as always I decided to give the Common law admission Test(CLAT).However It was during those two hours with Mr. Noshir Mehta, my English teacher, when I understood that law was much much more than having a fat pay cheque at the end of every month or shopping at Gucci and Prada. Once again we have two choices to consider. We could either be cold and manipulative and not let our emotional setbacks nail every chance of emotional prosperity OR we can just help that poor man out from being in his Master’s oppression and that little girl whose virginity has been excruciatingly ripped off from her delicate body.Does that timid yet contended smile of victory matter any less than coming first in class for the very first time or winning a race during the sports meet at school?

No,It doesn’t. I am not sure whether I would be able to crack CLAT or not, even if I do, I don’t know whether I would be actually studying law or not. But there is one thing I am positive about-I WILL ALWAYS SIDE THE TRUTH. No matter how absurd or illogical might it sound coming from a seventeen year old,but yes through my blog I solemnly promise to one and all to remain faithful and honest to myself and to the constitution of my country.



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