Friday, March 4, 2011

Why I write...

What do you do when you realize that people from London, St Louis and Florida check out your blog in a span of two days??Jump with joy may be??Well, I do much more!I ACTUALLY make it my facebook status and go around informing random people about it.So much so even a friend would ignore me in college, afraid(read:terrified) to be meted with a news which she has heard for about a zillion times by now. Yeah, that does me make a very emotional person. I am overjoyed by anything remotely happy and even a chick flick can make me cry.

Some people have told me that my articles are becoming a little far-fetched.Quoting a person who had commented on my last piece saying that-"It just didnt feel lyk coming frm the heart...more a tool to showcase ur empathy towards prostitution".I don't feel the need to justify myself but I would definitely like to make a point.See, the fact is if I don't feel strongly about something, I would not write about it in the first place.Also, writing a straight forward, essay type article would come easily to me, but sadly I don't find it challenging or a creatively engaging process.

Personally, I have always believed trying touch a person's heart rather than implanting a certain perception in his mind.It is because of this I write the way I do.I would be lying if I said, I write for myself.I write because I get inspired by the strangest of things.I write because I want to share my ideas with people all over the world.Also, I don't post quite often because I need to be convinced myself that I can execute an idea to the best of my abilities.That does make things complex but I am used to it. For me writing is an art, something which needs it own time and space. However I take criticisms positively and hope I am able to add on to the lives of people who take their time out to go through my blog/mails.

Some say I am a deep thinker,that I find comparisons between the most unlikeliest of things.I don't deny any of it because I believe in the fact that you do not need to be a Shobhaa De to attract attention.People like her are very fortunate as the masses have a certain attachment towards a popular figure more than anybody else.Socialites like her should take special care to ensure that whatever they write gives a sense of direction to her readers rather than confusing them.But sadly,hardly Indian writers/columnists write anything remotely positive about the society or the nation.

I have been asked by numerous people that why do I maintain a blog?They feel that a common man's blog is supposed to wither away into oblivion as I would be no match to, say a Chetan Bhagat or a Arundhati Roy.Even Amitabh Bacchan did not become a star overnight.Hence, If I am so apprehensive about the outcome, I would never do justice to whatever profession I take up.

Anyways,I feel I have just said too much now.And yes, if you have a passion for something nothing else matters. I will continue to write, no matter how cliched or "subversive" I seem to be.Lastly quoting Jack Dann-"For me, writing is exploration; and most of the time, I'm surprised where the journey takes me."

P.s-I love my blog.It is just too awesome.

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  1. lol... all readers love your blog..

    All the best with it..
    And thanks on behalf of all the readers for continuing to blog this long..