Saturday, July 10, 2010


If there is a heaven on Earth then I might as well say I am a part of it now and will continue to do so for the next 3 years.It is not just the place or the Institute it is the people of this place I have been surprisingly fond of.I remember feeling terribly homesick on a college day,so much so that I actually started crying in class.In the next momment i found my teacher hugging me tight.I had never felt such ease in a long,long,time.Our HOD keeps on threatning us,but his efforts show that he has best interests in mind,always.For the past two days I have not been keeping well and every time I am out of my class or even in the hostel corridors I have people coming upto me and asking me about my health.I have got lovely roomates,supportive friends and an amazing faculty to top it all.To someone who has not been exposed to this kind of lifestyle will never understand what I mean but the ones who have will always agree to what I have said.I just hope I can reciprocate such adulation with hardwork and perseverence.The road is long and arduous but this is my promise to all who have supported me during these few days that "I will never give up!"

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