Monday, May 3, 2010

Growing up

I remember when I was a little girl,I loved dressing up.Irrespective of what I wore,I always thought that wearing a lil black bindi and having red lips were mandatory for looking pretty.Yeah!although it sounds like GROTESQUE I managed to end up looking irresistibly cute every time.Unlike most kids,I loved it when people came up to me and pressed my cheeks.Mom used to have real long hair back then and how I wished they were mine.So what I would do is,take a towel(aka gamcha) and a couple of hair clips and VOILA!!!!...........

Yeah!Childhood was INSANE!!But back then it all seemed so normal.I mean,I just despise wearing any kind of make-up now.My mom thinks that long hair would perfectly compliment the 5'7 " me,I thought short hair suited me much better.I had always been this timid yet amicable girl who could be easily influenced by anyone.Today that very girl has people coming upto her for seeking advice.Back then,it did not matter how girls around me used to look BUT NOW IT DOES,IT SOOOOO DOES.I always keep on telling my friends that I am happy the way I am,but secretly I comfort myself by saying-"Not everyone is a true judge of beauty".Lately i find anything and everything to fuss about but as a child I was believed to have been the reincarnation of Goddess Durga (P.S:I was born on the 5th day of Durga Puja).

Anyways childhood was fun and I hope that adolescence proves to be a blessing as well.Lastly,I just can't end this one without a lovely quotation by Robert Browning.So here it goes,
"Grow old along with me,
the best is yet to be"

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  1. childhood is always better
    its innocence is cute and tension less
    by the way you choose your blog pics wonderfully.u have a nice taste of selecting pics