Saturday, May 1, 2010


Few weeks back most women were found to be single mindedly exlilarated about one thing-THE PASSING OF THE WOMEN'S RESERVATION BILL in Rajya Sabha.Now that the enthusiasm has finally died out something really significant has caught my eye.What on earth are we supposed to do with reservations when more than half of the population is unaware of what a bill actually means?Even though I am the only one who happens to be infuriated about such a thing,I know as a matter of fact that if things have to change it has to begin at the very grass root level.

More than anything else,reservation plain and simply means representation for those who are unable to stand up and fight for themselves.Reservation is NOT a SYNONYM for EQUALITY.IT NEVER WAS AND NEVER WILL.Now what do I want as a woman?I would gladly travel in a general compartment with my father;BUT I wont TOLERATE someone whistling at me while I am returning back home alone.Coming back to the point;Why does a woman always have to get up early and manage the household irrespective of any physical ailment she might be suffering from?Why don't we have a law/act preventing such a ruthless treatment?Although I severely deprecate smoking why does it become a TABOO only when a woman is found with a cigarette in her hand?EQUALITY,Did you say?

Marriages are made in heaven??DUhhh!!!The boy's family asks the girl-"Beti,What can you do apart from Singing, Dancing, Elocution,.......".Seriously,I feel like asking those morons,HAVE YOU LOOKED AT YOUR OWN SON??He looks like clean-shaved Verappan,plus doesn't the girl have equal right to ask back as to what the guy is capable of?Even in case of Love marriages, the boy can even suffer from a imbalanced immunity syndrome BUT the girl has to be a VIRGIN!!

Why is a girl who has been mercilessly raped refused of a fair trial?Why for God's sake is she deprived of having a normal future having people pointing a finger at her every now and then?Tell me,Why is a woman expected to cooperate even when her husband is having this clandestine affair with his secretary?If Women were borkha why don't we have a similar substitute for men also(atleast then those ******** will understand what it feels like to be out in the scorching sun in such a tormenting attire)?Laaaast but definitely not the least what is the male version of a SLUT(Please someone throw some light and make me enlightened)?


The day you take care of the former the latter takes care of itself.



  1. wow...gud...i liked ur angle...keep it up!

  2. nice nice
    best line Reservation is NOT a SYNONYM for EQUALITY.IT NEVER WAS AND NEVER WILL

  3. @Vegeto..thanks for reading my posts...whats your name bdw??