Friday, February 26, 2010


She hated being at such close proximity with him knowing full well about his ardent concern for her sister Divya .Confronting him was a major issue especially when she could never confess her love for him.Almost preventing eye-contact she asked-
"Would you like some Tea?"
"Sure" said he.
She was busy preparing tea in the kitchen when two hands firmly yet gently settled themselves on her shoulders. When they tried to lower her sleeves she turned back,shocked.
"PLEASE"he said.
Tashu closed her eyes and stood stolidly on the marble floor.She had always been an introvert and had no clue as to how she should react.Her clothes slipped off her body and she felt light as those very hands carried her back to the bedroom.Although she had a single bed,they both fit in it quite easily.He kissed her forehead,her nose,her cheeks,her neck but she did not budge an inch.

She had dreamt of this moment almost everyday since she had first seen him and now that it was happening she had suddenly turned immune to all emotional overtures,because it was not the way she had wanted it to be.

He did not love her,it was just that he found solace in her presence whenever her sister had been oblivious to his "Godly" presence, she wanted him to be happy and today she had sacrificed her own virginity for it.

He hugged her tightly as he soundly slept uttering the name "Divya" now and then little did he know that the only soul whom he could turn back for help laid in his arms, with tears in her hopelessly wishing he would love her back in return.
The next morning Tashu found a note beside her bed as she woke up in the morning-"Thanks for your support last night, i think i will finally propose her today."

Shakespeare had once rightly stated "The course of love never did run smooth"....Signing off 4 now......


  1. that was a good was more like a professional writing....well done, amrita!!!

  2. nyc work... shakesphere..was indeed true into it !!

  3. well done.....this is your first that read....i liked it a lot...well written, the best being the end...