Friday, February 26, 2010


I have been a terrible planner....i set my priorities only to deviate from them...owning a blog had always been a kind of fascination but i have been enormously i am glad that at last i am doing this little bit for myself....
So where do i start???ohk lets c....i am Amrita(naam to suna hoga!!),i am just about to appear for my board exams.....preparations??did u say??terrible.....i will be elated even if i pass decently and no,i am NOT being modest.....I don't mean to be cliched but i despise studying, especially because i have been forced to take up science when i wanted to devote my entire concentration to language....Well although i am aware of the fact that nothing can be done now,i just hope that my parents allow me to pursue my choice of subject henceforth........

That was all about my professional background(ahem!!),in my next blog i shall write about my favorite topic LOVE...I am no Nicholas Sparks or Erich Segal but have been the official agony aunt of my bye till then....take care....and don't forget to post Ur comments....



  1. hey amrita! welcome to blogspot....hope you enjoy your time here with us.....take up your free time to customize your profile with out gadgets....just the way you want it....enjoy!!!

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