Saturday, July 12, 2014

We often tend to oversimplify love, placing it at the top of  to-do lists, our brains and our hearts. It feels utterly bitter to like someone dearly and have them do the lamest of things to get rid of your nagging presence in their otherwise perfect lives. Like establishing the fact that they are rather solid with someone, and meeting them sneakily behind their mother's backs. Or telling you that they don't know where their life is headed. Better still, pinging on gtalk to inform that they are not single anymore. 

You could whack them across their faces, but you retain your calm and composure and utter the sanctimonious words, "I deserve better." Nope. Not true. Because there must be a time when you also have tried miserably to communicate to someone, "Look, You and Me. Never going to happen." 

And it's okay, to not like or to like someone because attraction is fleeting and so subjective. You either like someone or you don't. But just because the other person is unsure of his/her feelings is it okay to ostracize yourself for it? You know, it's not.

It's a beautiful feeling to admire someone but we must try to not base it on the bleak prospect of getting into a relationship with them. Instead initiate a friendship, and if that feels awkward, sit back and see where things go. But don't give up on that fleeting emotion, which makes you dizzy because you yourself can't possibly fathom how this one person makes you lose control of your otherwise brilliant memory and mumble gibberish whenever you see them. 

Yes, this post is dedicated to a friend because I relate to the dichotomy in her life far too much. It took me most of teenage and adult years to isolate admiration from reciprocation because it feels like crap to get your heart broken by someone and it does wonders to your self esteem!  

It's not easy, and maybe one of those jerks will turn around one day, and say, "It will be a pleasure to have my heart broken by you." Till then, love yourself, love your ability to not get shattered, even when someone dismisses you and do let go, when you have to. How else, would you finally meet the atrocious monkey, who thinks you look the best in the morning, with your tousled hair, horrible breath and red eyes. 

And remember, even when you don't, a nerdfighter called John Green once said, "We need never be hopeless because we can never be irreparably broken."


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  1. Awwww.... the admiration kind of aww :)