Thursday, March 8, 2012

Time to change !

If I could change something around me, what would it be ?

If I could change something around me I would make sure that there is no Women's day to begin with. We, women don't need a day to celebrate the cause of our being. We need not be reminded that we are beautiful, special, privileged for just one day especially when they are horrible atrocities committed on women across the world, every day of the year. If I could change something, I would change the way a woman thinks about another woman. If your husband/boyfriend is cheating on you, the other woman becomes a slut automatically. The poor soul might not even know that the man is married with two kids. This was perhaps a very general example but what I mean to say is that as women, need to be there for each other and believe in the existence of each other. It is very easy to shower someone with profanities, but try being in her shoes, and would would realize it is not that easy after all.

It is not easy being a daughter of someone who heads a multinational company because her mother won't be a able to find time for her, whenever she needs someone to talk to to. It is not easy being pretty, smart or incredibly talented. Because no matter how good you are, there will always be people judging you, discouraging you, telling you that you can't make it happen because you are a girl.

You will be born , grow up, grow old and die like every mortal. But in between your body and surroundings will undergo enormous changes, most of which you will be unable to comprehend. You will be expected to be a obedient daughter and not a rebel. You will be expected to wear vermilion on your forehead, change your identity and belong to someone else for the rest of your life. And you will. But you will also teach the world, to be passionate again. You will love and bear the baby of your partner. But you will also laugh and cry. You will be angry and ecstatic because you are but a human who needs to express herself.

If I could change something around me,I would try ensuring that feminism as a concept or as a social structure does not set a trend that patriarchy has, over the years. It should not not be downright offensive towards men but instead be a way to fight back the powerful and aid the deprived.

Lastly, If I could change something around me, I would change myself . Be a little more forgiving and a little less judgmental. I wish I could trust people more, give a chance to even those who have hurt me time and again. And also be persistent and never give up. Like Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley had once said, - "I do not wish women to have power over men; but over themselves."


  1. Women's day as far as I can see it is not to remind you about the cause of your being. You celebrate being a women every day...every moment of your life because come what may no man can ever play the role of a woman. This day is just for coming together and celebrating the joy of womenhood - to remind you that you are the best and none can beat you.What you are good at no one else can ever be.More importantly to realise that we are amongst those numbered lucky women - to make us understand that we can make a difference atleast a small one for that matter in some other woman's life who is not as fortunate as us.

  2. The best thing we could do for ourselves, Amrita, is to get out there and do something we've always wanted to, as also, meet other women and men just like us. There is nothing like a support system to back us up. Hopefully we have it in cyber world and in the real world. Another rewarding thing to do is to make time regularly for something bigger than ourselves.