Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 it is :)

"It is not intelligence alone that brings success, but also the drive to succeed, the commitment to work hard, and the courage to believe in yourself. Know that your dreams must come from your heart's deepest desires. Only then will the barriers come down before you. To know your heart, you must know yourself. You are who you decide to be, not who other people decide for you to be. Be noble. Stand on the higher ground. Create your life and then go out and live it."

I have never been interested in making resolutions. It wasn't my thing, really. As years passed by, I slowly changed from a timid adolescent to an young adult, a little braver, if I may say so. And through this journey, I have always felt, that you can't plan a transformation. It happens gradually be it for the better or for the worse. We can't see the future, we don't know what oppurtunities lie in front of us, then how can we plan for something which is to happen in the future ?

For example, I might set a resolution to not be mean to people. But hello ? I am not the next Jesus Christ ! If anyone tries to hamper my peace of mind it is but obvious I will retaliate. However, there can be certain things which you can choose to ignore or be determined to acheive, no matter what.

If you ask me what is it that I have set my mind on for the next year,I would say I want to be a good human being. Although it may sound incredibly cheezy, I want to be kind,rewarding and less demanding. To be less preachy and to reciprocate the love and attention of my friends and family. I want to more expressive, be it vocally or on a peice of paper. I want to be difficult, I want to be easy. I don't want to restrict myself to anything or anyone. I want to fall in love even at the cost of getting hurt. I want to live today and forget about what yesterday was like or tomorrow could be like. I want to be so many things I am not, yet I want to remain the small town girl who once dreamt of making it big. Irrespective of what the new year may bring, I promise to never lose my head, to never forget to be greatful for everything I may have acheived.

Here's to a New start :)

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