Friday, November 18, 2011

Delhi it is :)

Delli..Delhi..Kya Batau Apke baarey mein ? It has been just one week. And I already love the place. Yeah, I lost my purse the first day and got a virtual thrashing but that does not deter my spirit one bit. According to my friends, there are certain (read : frequent and reoccurring) moments when I "zone-out" into a world of my own, even when I am a part of a loud and boisterous crowd. In Delhi, I think I am always zoned out (No wonder I lost my purse :/). It is almost like I am gliding through a sea of people whose aspirations and dreams just like my own.

So what are my observations ? The energy of the city is mind boggling . The people are very responsible when it comes to keeping the city neat and clean . There is no pretense . And if you are used to hearing or telling lies about yourself, this is not your place to be because although Delhi is supposedly plastic and materialistic, people here are straight forward and on your face. If they dislike you , YOU will come to know of it before anyone else. Sometimes vocally, sometimes through their actions. Yes, their English is terribly out of place but that is only because they would rather fine tune their mother tongue than trying to master a foreign language. "Here" becomes "Hair" but hardly anyone makes a gender error which a Bengali like me often succumbs to.

It is very different from the place I belong to. People hardly indulge in small talks, they are very focused about what they want from whom. Call them thorough professionals or workaholics , people here (irrespective of what they do) know how to get the work done. Any way for someone like me who blatantly refuses to adopt to any form of change, I really like being here. You can't expect someone here to come and have a talk on Ray's films or something but in their own way their are passionate and work hard towards things they believe in. Once you have been here you can't blame a person for owning a SUV or the child who chases you at Connaught Place for a penny or two. As they say to each his own. I am yet to explore most parts of the city. But boy does gol gappe and Kathi Rolls taste like heaven :D . Anyway will be coming up with more (hopefully) posts about the capital of India . And yes, this might not be the best literary piece of mine but it always feels good to write about something which may have affected you in ways more than one.


  1. I love it. By far, your one of those few Indians who do are not constrained by the stereotyping of Delhi. You decided to explore and judge for yourself instead of being scared of the city. Really proud of you. I think now you know why I always boast about this city. My city. And I am right- Once a Delhiite, Always a Delhiite :)
    -A Delhiite by Heart!