Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Choice..

It has been almost a month since I had posted something on my blog.My last post received unexpected comments, hence this time I wanted to pen down something which would bring me back my reader's adulation.Then one day I heard my professor speak in class,-"You always have a choice and so do people around you.If they dislike what you write they should not visit your blog.Write for yourself and not for others".Reality stuck me hard after I heard him speak this way.I knew he was right,yet I was having difficulty in admitting it.

My little head was bombarded with questions galore."Why was I so keen on pleasing people?","How does someone Else's opinion matter more than mine?"...I can write shit and be happy for all I care.I mean every time I keep telling people how to happy about small things when I myself cant be happy with the things I do. At times, I come across really fancy writers who have a vocabulary larger than the thesaurus. It makes me wonder-"Why am I all that simple?".

My knowledge about plainer stuff like current affairs,music and movies also remote considering the fact that I am a media student and I should know who "Guy Richie" and "A Raja" is. OK, I Do know who they are but NOT enough to be a Hermione and answer a certain Professor Snape.Hardly makes sense,I know but in the rat race of life I feel as if I have lost myself and may be this post is a way to get back to being who I was.

The other day I was talking to this FTII fellow telling him how much I loved writing and how I want my proses to inspire people around me.Later when I was thinking about this conversation I felt as a precocious teenager who had just realized how stupid she is.To inspire or remotely touch people's lives one needs to be compassionate and kind,so how does a girl who barely has time for her family inspire people to love one another. How does a person who is often thankless and rude to her friends preach mercy and forgiveness.I was and I am not any Mother Teresa but at times I feel as if I have terribly wronged people who have forgiven me without any condition or clause.

I am not perfect and I can never be one but I can at least be humane in my approach towards life.I,Me,Us,WE all have a choice to care or not to care,to be or not to be, to cry or not to cry, to forgive or hate someone without knowing what we would have done in their place.Thereby I promise to be a better person or at least try to be one for the sake of myself and the people continue to love me relentlessly.


  1. amazing
    awesome !!
    u didn't want to please ppl, and didn't care abt ur fame, but u have acheived ur main aim, of getting bk ur reader's adulation. well done amrita.. keep it up :)

  2. lovely writing.......... few of the lines are so very universal.. and few problems so very familiar.. even those with your personal touch doesn't sound out of place in this piece at all.inspiring people by writing is something i dream of everyday , but too lazy to take it out of sleep and put it into paper.that you manage to write so much , amazes me and i will again make a promise for the 3456th time about writing to myself..... but still.. anyways fab writing and keep up the good work

  3. reminds me of a certain hollow and aimless feel i get sometimes, before i get too busy and the mindset drifts into oblivion..
    feel like writing such things from time to time.. feel like titling all of them "Retrospection"

    anyway, keep it up!